Remington Steel

Remington Steel LLC (, a minority owned steel fabricator in Southern Florida,  is in the business of providing steel structures for roadways.  Remington’s CEO, Raul Fandino – a 50+year experienced steel fabricator– was originally born in Cuba and emigrated to the US to achieve the American Dream.  He is a Vietnam War veteran and his business supports, among many other things, the road reconstruction underway throughout Southern Florida.  He employs 15 welders and workmen and his steel structures are used for signage, railings and toll plazas.   ECAP through its affiliate Annapurna Equities LLC is a minority owner of Remington and proud to be Raul’s partner. We have financed highway sign projects throughout Florida and we  are currently financing numerous public works projects including a state of the art toll overpass on the highway leading to Miami International Airport.