Gourmè Mist

gourme logoECAP began funding inventory for Gourmè Mist (www.gourmemist.com) in 2011. Gourmè Mist is a 5 calorie flavor and cooking spray. Gourmè Mist brings more flavor with less fat and fewer calories: A healthy alternative to dressings, sauces, mayo, butter, cooking oil and aerosol cooking sprays. The fine mist controls the amount used for less calories so there is no need to measure your portions. Gourmè Mist sprays like an aerosol, but is packaged in a non-aerosol bottle. The mister does not contain any alcohol, chemical propellants, or additives, which makes it a healthier choice over aerosol cooking sprays. It comes in a recyclable, disposable bottle, which eliminates the hassles of cleaning or refilling.